Chisholm is friendly and EASY TO TALK TO - you can talk about your goals and slip-ups without feeling embarrassed...

During each training session, Chisholm remains FOCUSED ON YOU and always strives to help you meet your goals - even when you are not in the mood to meet them!
— April Hardenbol
His knowledge of fitness & nutrition have been a very VALUABLE ASSET TO MY WEIGHT LOSS, MUSCLE TRAINING, & OVERALL HEALTH.

My stamina has improved tremendously, I’ve lost over 30 pounds (so far) and have decreased my diabetes medication as well (he helped me not have to go to insulin).
— Joel Rupert
My main goal was to tone up so I would feel confident in my bathing suit on stage - I ended up WINNING THE SWIMSUIT COMPETITION at Miss Dallas USA and placing in the top 15 at Miss Texas USA.

I could never have done it without his help and advice!
— Ashley Smith
Chisholm is a no-nonsense guy, but has a KEEN SENSE OF MY LIMITS (I am 65 years old)....

I admit I don’t relish exercise, but then I don’t miss appointments either. I think a lot of this has to do with my feeling I am going to HAVE A GOOD TIME WORKING OUT with him and he’s going to keep me moving at a pace that I can handle.
— Wes Meyer